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Originally Posted by astralsuzy
You could ask the doctors and the hospitals if the covid is real. I am sure they would tell you it is real. Many people have died even young people. You could perhaps say it is like the flue but this is much worse. It is extremely contagious. There are other illnesses that people die as you said. No one likes this covid but we have to try to manage it as best as we can. We would not want to be like America where many thousands of people have died young and old. The poor staff at the hospitals having to try to cope with it, overseas and here in Australia.

It is extremely contagious - extremely.

This is the difference between Covid-19 and other illnesses like Ebola.

It's contagious and the death rate is higher than flu (but well below Ebola).

It is well documented, and I have experienced, that for many the symptoms are far ranging, long lasting, potentially debilitating.

There are cases of children having severe inflammation as a result - it is a new disease. They are still learning about it.

The news media has told the stories - weak minds though like to think it is all fake. Really?