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Originally Posted by Heightend-Awareness

Let's get to the pointy end of this stick.
COVID-19, is it real? Not really.

Hi Heightened Awareness:

I have seen your posts around the forum, and noticed that if anything, I can't see any heightened awareness in you, but that didn't matter so much.

What is interesting is how many people today love a conspiracy theory, love to think and project and paranoize life.

Facebook, the right wing media, and many personalities have made a pretty dime out of it.

What I can tell you from personal experience is that I had Covid-19. I know people who died from it.

I have symptoms which have lasted months - at times I was so breathless, I couldn't walk across the room.

I felt fluid in my lungs, I had the classical cough. I wondered at one point if I would make it.

Doctors and nurses have died, they do not go home because of it.

But no - you in your fantasy mind which shows very little light in my experience of you - is accurate.

I'm sure that's what your mind tells yourself and I have one word for you - sad!