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COVID-19 Conspiracy

One-Light, I know you have put a lot of hard work and energy into this as you mentioned this not to be a negative vibe topic. But I feel the need to express to all what I know and have researched and discovered. The observations and understandings from my corner of the room and my neck of the woods about this topic, COVID-19 to come to my conclusion based on my observations and above mentioned. Keep an open mind as you will need it.

The term “conspiracy theory” was first coined by the CIA back in the 1960's in relation to JFK assassination. Which created a perception among people to distort their own judgement on matters whatever that maybe now-days. So if anyone was to start piecing together the puzzle they created with their lies, deceit and deception manufactured through manipulation of perception, they would discredit those joining the dots, because the “conspirators” are becoming a threat towards their official narrative. So they shut them down by any means necessary.

Most know of and many deny it, that there is a “Deep State”, “Hidden Hand”, Global Elitists that manipulate the majority if not all of the major events that have in the past and present to occur. They engineer and orchestrate it all through the use of their puppets. Politicians, Academics, Organisations (WHO), Big Pharma, Corporations and Celebrities. You name it they have a ball and chain attached to them. They use the characters to help perpetuate all of their agendas. By helping to spin the web of lies and deceit to modify humanities perceptions to accepting their official narrative. They get away with this because they know the majority of the masses are too busy with their lives in terms of some examples, financial stress, health problems, work and relationship related issues etc. They use this to their advantage to distract the masses to what is truly going on. They add a bit of lube and just ease it right in, next thing know you've just been fire trucked. Your perception has been hijacked.

COVID-19 is one of the tools, the main “gear shifter” for their current agenda to be rolled out. What is the agenda? The very short answer, global domination, control and enslavement of the human race.
A more concise look at it. More security measures (meaning surveillance) in every and I mean every facet of your daily life. A Global Central Government, Social crediting systems (remember China a couple of years ago), One world currency, linked to the social crediting system (so if you do as your told, no matter how unethical the demand might be, you'll be all right (a puppet with no free will and commanded by your masters). Don't do the wrong thing by your masters and you'll be denied access to all forms of anything, yes, everything. If you were financially comfortably, you now have squat, nothing, Nada zero. A simple key stroke and mouse click and your fate is sealed. That's just a start of it, you'll also be given a new title, “enemy of the state”.

Have I got your attention!

Is COVID-19 real? Depends on your perspective of it.
This based on my observations and research and a bit of claircognizance in my part of the world, Australia.
Lets look at some facts that I had followed up on. COVID-19 started in the Chinese province of Wuhan around September/October when I recall caring to watch the news that this is the place of origin. Next look at the attention China has brought about themselves regarding the South China sea. Makes them very popular now. So the perception manipulation has begun. Making everyone think China created this virus and blah blah blah. Cow pie!
Around the end of our summer, February, our first case of COVID-19, was G.P Doctor from Victoria that our mainstream media splashed around (let me state and remind you that the Elitists own and manipulate mainstream media). They never mentioned if he had visited China, particularly Wuhan.
So far it's been 5 months from Wuhan, ground zero to Victoria, Australia. This were the number begin to not add up. The COVID-19 app was released late April. So from February to April is only 3 months. That is some phenomenal work to get that app available for download in such a short period of time when the average time taken to develop any app takes 4-6 months, form conception to inception. They new this was coming a long time ago. They can get that moving and in place quicker than sorting out any other issue in recent history. They were very conscientious about the safety and welfare of the populace... pffff. Hardly, they had this app already ready to rock and roll the minute the green light was lit up for this shindig.
Another observation is the cases and deaths.
Majority of deaths are in the age group 60-90+ years old. How convenient that they use the elderly who already have compromised immune systems and pre-existing health issues. Not once have I heard the news say in terms similar to this example, “145 new cases of the virus and 3 deaths from it as a result”. How they say it is similar to this, “145 new cases of the virus and 3 deaths”. The point being they don't stipulate they died from it. For all we know, they could been in a vehicle accident. Secondly, why hadn't the media approached the victim's families? They have the social distancing rules and being masked up, they'll be alright. I looked at an online data site pertaining to world deaths and from what. At the time I looked at this, Victoria was nowhere near lockdown mode but the amazing thing on the list was Stroke and Heart Attack, respectively are the highest causes of death in the world. 9.4mill for Heart attack, and 5.7mill for stroke
Where did COVID-19 sit with anything on the chart at the time on a global scale? Just below the half waypoint. There were more deaths involving malnutrition than COVID-19 had at the time. But the hysteria of it all had to be maintained.
Next question, Why aren't young healthy people dropping dead in the streets and everywhere?
Why haven't millions and millions of people around the world dropped dead from it? Because it is all perceptual Cow Pies!

Let's get to the pointy end of this stick.
COVID-19, is it real? Not really. What is it then? The tests that people take are flawed for starters. These tests are designed to test for anti-bodies, that's right anti-bodies. If you have ever had the cold or flu, even a flu shot, your bodies immune system will have produced an anti-body for it. So when you get tested for COVID-19, you'll get a false-positive result. Meaning you are testing positive for something(anti-body) and the false(that the test was for a virus you don't have) so they are calling the anti-body the virus. Introducing COVID-19 and all the cow pies you can fit into a show bag!

The symptoms of COVID-19, the same as any flu. And how convenient that is was during our winter and cold & flu season in the coldest, that had the highest population to be the scapegoat, guinea pig, lab rat and all the other clichés you can throw at it.
Also noted that the virus was never isolated by anyone. May have been done now, but the results are more than likely null en void. Because there isn't one to begin with, but the proper steps to this procedure is to isolate, replicate and reintroduce. This did not and never ever will happen. One, because it doesn't exist, only as a perceptual concept by design.

Now to the very tip of this stick.
PRS event. Problem, Reaction, Solution time. Manipulation of perception, people freak out, society flipped on it's back, economies failing etc. “Stop the world we want to get off. Stop the big bad wolf from blowing my house down”. There there, BIG BROTHER(Global Elitists) is here to help, take this vaccine you don't need because it have many nasty surprises in there for you. Including a state of the art microscopic tracking device we will embed into you. Run along now, thank you BIG BROTHER, for destroying humanity and the planet, how can we ever repay you. GIVE UP YOUR FREE WILL would be a start.
COVID-19 is the Pandora's box that will roll out many nasty surprises if we let it, we have ourselves to blame. These are truly challenging times bothers and sisters. What are we going to do about it? If you say nothing, then you best join your brethren on the dark side.
One-Light you do have valid points. Keep your immune system
and mind healthy as we will all need it for what is coming.

I call it how I see it. There is a reason for this topic to be here. It will be revealed soon.

Peace and love all
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