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Originally Posted by AbodhiSky
i read that's our primary means of communication in the astral world!
Definitely, some kind of communication in the astral world—-it’s one of the most used chakra I have with mate—- it’s probably the only means of communication I have in the Astra world and probably the most used across the astral world—- the images are tribal of sort, so a horizon with them.. probably best I keep that form of telepathic to my self but definitely keys here somewhere for astral dimensions;that acquired more broad use of keys... I couldn’t live without it..feelings are also packed in the key..I suppose that’s the tele-(at distance)/telepathic?? So feelings and communication all packed in a key(couldn’t live without that—-you still have to covert the information in the tele(at a distance)... it’s not in your face though—-there’s no out body theory,you can’t be in an altered state or altered state of mind to receive them apart from the state..
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