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Sorry to hear that things are like this for you. I've been in the same situation for years now, I'm not joking but I rarely get a single day where a drama is not happening. I'm so run down and overwhelmed with it all that today I shut myself in my bedroom and kept the phone off all day... I can not deal with any more bad stuff. I believe someone has cursed me (probably my daughter has) or all the bad luck I'm getting is part of me having kundalini syndrome.

For example in the past month..

- I've had two of pets die and another is currently in the process of dying of an incurable illness (Im having to give it an injection every 2 days to try to keep alive)

- I'm currently being threatened with being kicked out of where I'm living cause the place I rent needs so many repairs done to it. Every time I get a maintance person in, they dont actually fix the issue properly and the issues reoccur. eg problem with my wiring.. light globes blow whenever it rains, I cant open the back door, I cant use my bathroom so I cant wash properly, havent been able to do so in 2 MONTHS, I cant use my laundry room etc

- Last week I had to go to the police over my support agency committing fraud with my funds and cause I've gone to the cops about them I right now don't have the support I need to meet my urgent care needs (this includes being able to get shopping and my meals etc.. Im on a special diet for health issues so cant order in what I'm supposed to eat).

- Yesterday.. the site I go to to relax and try to forget about all the issues.. well someone who is usually nice.. out of the blue randomly started attacking me for no reason. All the others in our group were also mystified why that occurred and why he was taking anger out on me for nothing I did. I'm still so upset about this attack that I have been unable to make myself go back there today.

- my fry pan two weeks ago decided to go rusty on the food surface so now Im cooking with a rusty pan, then within same week my blender broke so I now cant make my soups for lunch. (I have broken things building up far faster then they can be replaced. I havent been able to catch up on my shopping for THREE YEARS as everything is constantly breaking). My computer broke so Im currently on a borrowed one, brought a new one last week but we couldnt get it going.. need to take it back to the shop.

- tons, tons more issues. I lost my dr and no longer can get to my specialists. I have too many huge issues to list and cant seem to get things going well. I have two teeth which are about to break and was told to urgently get them repaired but I cant get to dentist etc. It often hurts to eat. Every single aspect of my life is basically screwed up, I havent gotten to see my children or grandchildren for over 2 years, I have a grandchild Ive never got to meet. (I'm homebound too due to illness and cant leave my house unless someone can push my wheelchair. Im not even 50 years old and have had to hand in my drivers licence and get rid of my car due to my severely bad health).

Today though I stayed away from everything even the phone and only came to this site, I still had bad luck.. and today I have my body breaking out in sores (im very itchy today) and bleeding blood on the bed due to this (probably cause Im in desperate need of a new care worker and need my bedsheets changed. Last time I got sores over my body it was cause I had cockbroaches in bed with me and it was a reaction to those.. so I probably have that happening again).

I did a tarot reading for myself a month ago in the hopes that it would tell me I had some happiness ahead but it just ended up telling me that my bad luck will last at least another six months. I'm wondering how I'm going to survive another 6 months of constant bad luck.. the only time this eases off for a few days is when a group of people prays for me and then I'll get relief for a day or two before it hits back hard. My last support worker after working with me for 3 weeks and seeing the things which happen here, she ended up telling me she thought I was cursed (she may not even have believed in curses before coming here)

Anyway, I completely sympathize and do really hope your bad luck spree will be over soon.
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