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Yay, this is great..

Rose, thank you firstly for mentioning me, I was really shocked as I'm new, but you're very astute and obviously compassionate and it helped to get my confidence up a lot to Rose for being a Kiwi who chants on the dharma, you are very caring and cool.

Ascended Master for being very inspiring, for a cool style of writing and for pledging to save the world. For great ideas about lightworkers coming together and making a difference, and for having a deep enthusiasm.

Mikron for introducing me to crystals, and also for sharing knowledge and enthusiasm in a cool and unique way.

Bob23 for being noticeably wise, and having a top sense of humour.

Jeremy for being down to earth and having a deep interest in the subject, also for being very helpful and supportive.

John for being honest and genuine, and for your humble manner, I have learned from you.

Kundalini for writing from the heart, which is how I feel your posts are written. You were the first person I spoke to here and why I felt there was a reason to stay.

Jaycee for being lively, funny and experienced, I'm sure I have a lot to learn from you.

Light Mage for your posts, I enjoy looking out for what you have to say.

Dreamer who I am still getting to know, for a wealth of knowledge and experience and always valuable words to share.

DASA for being the resident Hare Krishna, though I don't think I have gotten to speak to you yet.

Violetmay for being lovely, giving and caring and for such kind heartfelt words. Thank-you.

Last but not least, Daisy, who is totally knowledgeable and totally humble, and a lovely, down-to-earth person. And for helping me so compassionately with my questions.

I shall come back with more..