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all of you "regulars" have my respect and blessings. our discussions here are of great importance to me (the deep and philosophical, and the light and whimsical). i came to you guys (or visa versa) at just the right moment in my life.

thank you mothergoose, rose, chi chi, dreamer, daisy, jeremy, peteyzen, enlightener, ascended master, kundalini, glorymist, biyu wolf, bob, lumas, pounamu, devolution (tipping my hat), chadley, al, lightmage, lapis

and the rest of you that i have forgotten...

as blue spirit has stated, we are a big family (whether we "like" each other or not). today i am very tired (physically, and spiritually). but you guys have given me a pick me up to get me through this day. bless you all...

(the above list is lazy i know, none the less insincere though) d:>)