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yes strange isn't it
because usually I can differentiate a dream and reality as soon as I wake up as you will see differences such as positioning, clothing, hair up or down, generally the small details but everything was as it was it was, as though I hadn't been to sleep.

I have got an ecp recorder that I got yesterday and I put it on and it detected paranormal activity in my front room but I have been to frightened to put it on again lol, because if there is an angry spirit it would frighten me.

Although something strange did happen since, a forty year old or so man was sitting on a wall at the end of my street as I walked home (dark around 8pm-ish)
he was sitting ahead of me on a wall, as I approached 4 or so meters distance he got up walked a few yards looked back twice at me, he then crossed the road walked around 3 car lengths looking across again 2/3 times,
I began to feel worried, I was only 4 houses away from my home, he then crossed over and looked as though he was going to approach me face on as I was waking along side a large van, I know this sounds weird but I shouted "what are you doing" despite the fact he hadn't done anything?? he said "oh uh me I wasnt doing anything I was just going to my van"
which turned out to be the one i was just walking past. My partner heard me and said "Leanne you K?" I then half walked half ran.

I'm never usually scared or nervous about walking around at night especially not 8 o'clock at night to the shop at the end of my road! I ave never shouted at somebody either I felt quite embarrassed but the more I think about it the more suspicious I become of this man like why did he look back at me twice then cross the opposite side only to cross back aver as I approached his van? my road is a quite road except sometimes in the summer as it is a seasonal town and I do not recognize his van which is red so I'm sure I would have noticed it.
Anyway what has spooked me is this man resembled the age shape as the man shouting at me, but obviously I know it wouldn't be him as he cannot be alive and a spirit at the same time but wonder if somebody was trying to warn me, or I could have just shouted at some random man (cringe).
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