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A few years ago

I was parked at our local shopping centre near the public transport hub when a cab pulled up behind me. Didn't think much of it as I was in front of the cab rank. It was around 10am and I was observing the Indian (from India) driver from my review mirror. He was approximately 1 car length away when he took off his glasses and started to rub his face with his hand. As he was doing this I saw his face change. Like a veil was being distorted and his true identity was being revelled. Briefly, after he rubbed his face something not human was shown to me. It freaked me out. This happened 3 times. I rubbed my own eyes in disbelief. I knew I had a good night sleep prior, was on no meds or treatment. What I saw was not a figment of my imagination. It was creepy as fire truck.
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