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Originally Posted by SpiritualFreedom
Yes, you can choose to live under any time in human history, or in other alien intelligent planets.

For whatever the reason, there is true free will to choose exactly where to re-incarnate.

I don't know how exactly that works, but is real.

OBE's explorers will confirm that.

We're all different, and that's okay.

For me personally I don't want to have another mortal life again, neither as a human, neither as an alien.

I'm ready for becoming a multi-dimensional spiritual being doing good & helping out across the entire universe to make it a better place to everybody, living wonderful adventures & learning from mentors to guide me in order to grow.

Don't get me wrong, I like a lot my current human life, and I have success, money, love & happiness.

But I want to see new stuff from the universe, explore more, and associate with highly advanced multi-dimensional beings.

Humans are not done.

You understand time travel?

If this COVID was the cause of human extinction, a time traveller would have stopped the 1st chinese infected, and right now we would not be talking.

Therefore, this COVID is necesary, because in the end it's going to make humanity & the world better.

Time Travellers exists. If one planet, galaxy, or the universe is going to get hellish or destroyed... The time traveller, just can go back and forward in time to the initial cause, and stop it.

So, in the end, nothing bad is going to happen. EVER.

It takes time to understand the paradox.

This concept of time travelling is also applied at a personal level.

The moment you get it, you will become the happiest being in the universe.

Because everything will always turn out good

Thats why I'm successful. I feel good in the ups and on the downs, no matter where I am, and what I got at the time

This is both very a refreshing experiential view and affirming. Thank you SpiritualFreedom for such input. I think alot of people here can appreciate this.
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