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Originally Posted by Elfin
Hi David.. and this is an issue that can and will go on for eternity. It's true to say that in "effect" we are all killers to some degree. The natural food chain that we are all aware of ... As an example will never cease. As Altair says... Even if one is vegan , we still feed our pets with food which comes from that chain. I would even go as far as to say even picking and eating nuts is "killing " something . It's all a fine line. Otherwise we would eat nothing and all perish. On the other scale, there is a difference between killing something and keeping something that is alive , in captivity to live in abject misery.

Besides killing, we also are symbiotic with other life forms. Can you imagine digesting foods without bacteria in our gut, etc.? As we watch billions of bacteria and virus cells every time we take a shower, we also play host for billions more life forms that live on and in our bodies.

As you say "we are all killers to some degree" and I would say and it is all relative. To us, it should not bother us much because of the belief in reincarnation.

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