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Originally Posted by davidsun
This essay exquisitely explores issues involved in our relationship(s) with other life-forms:

Hi David,

Welcome back.
I agree with him we have the responsibility to consider well being of animals we take care of, as nobody else can take that responsibility.

Some thoughts....
At the same time, it's always going to be a fuzzy topic with no absolutism. We gotta eat, plough the fields, feed our pets.

He brings up parrots and these are animals we can have a bond it. We also have it with dogs, cats, horses, among others.
At the same time most of us are okay feeding sheep or chicken to our dogs or eating it ourselves. Or chopping trees to have a field for horses.

We have preference for some animals, because of how we relate to them. It is a mirror...
We like the dog because the dog is like us.. we co-evolved with a meat-eating mammal.

We still have to make choices, which will always have consequences. If we were to be non-discriminatory we could no longer consume anything...
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