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I suspect the moon is your cue that the dream is going to deal with the trauma you endured you have buried in your subconscious. Females represent the emotional nurturing side. It is possible the witch is your feminine power that has been sullied because of what happened to you in the swamp. A part of you knows you have to confront that past to move on but it feels like death to do so. I will also offer up the possibility that you inadvertently walked into a trap, the swamp, that led to your traumatic event because you trusted someone who turned out to be evil. You may have sensed fear but still went along because you had a trusting nature. Either way it does sound like the dreams want to help you resolve the past

One important distinction when it comes to trauma is to remember that it is something that happened to you not because of you. Humans can do some horrible things to each other in a misguided effort to off load their pain on someone else. You didn't deserve it nor do you have to continue to identify with it. You aren't a child anymore which means you are more capable of protecting yourself from danger. It may be important to trust your instincts. If something feels off despite outward signs suggesting otherwise trust your gut over what you see. People aren't always what they seem but our gut generally never lies. Maybe why you are attracted to the color yellow and the solar plexus. You could be working on restoring your self esteem, personal power and confidence by learning to trust your gut thus developing your intuition or feminine aspect. It is also possible that the female is simply representative of the buried emotions you have tucked away about the trauma but it sounds like the point is for you to take back your personal power that was likely stolen from you from that traumatic event.

This said, from this dream it is hard to say. It seems that the most important thing right now may be to confront your past memories so you can put them behind you. I would say you don't necessarily need to conjure up the moon or witch but simply ask to be led to a dream that helps you resolve the past. Ask before bed what you need to know to heal your trauma and you very well will have a dream that offers insights for you. It is a process that takes time as there are layers to get through so just take it slow and be gentle with yourself. Your dreams can help you heal your subconscious and what has been buried.
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