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yellow is associated with the solar plexus chakra:
The Solar Plexus Chakra

i'm thinking that the moon may relate to your 'subconscious knowing'...
what you consciously observe occurs in "the light of day", completely visible;
the things you're not consciously aware of are known by the subconscious.

the choice you'd made as a child was to go through the swamp. you'd
demonstrated a trust for old woman, despite thinking her a witch.
you were promised to arrive at your desired destination by following
that route, and the time may have come for you to reach your goal.

i feel that your journey may involve uniting the feminine and masculine
aspects of divinity within your own being. traveling through that swamp
might be symbolic for having entered into earthly incarnation. to do so
may have been the means to restoring youth and vitality to the feminine
aspect (the witch woman has grown younger). understanding the hows
or whys might be the stories you're wanting to hear. my instinct asserts
that those monsters are not adversaries, nor tormentors... but likely to
be in need of their own healings, so as to become friends of yours.
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