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Originally Posted by Kaimi
hmmm I think this is telling you to pay attention to your surroundings. or the situation in which you find yourself. Things may be unfolding around you and these changes may make you feel as though, you are spiraling out of control or otherwise "falling" your situation may require you to be dynamic, requiring change on a whim but you do realize that you have a support system (your friends) to fall back on if things get too rough or you feel like you are being weighted down in the muck.

I never considered this interpretation. Though i didnt feel out of control. At first i panicked. But i drifted down and i wasnt so scared o.o But the situation around me is quite out of control as you put it. Because im not very sure where i stand at the moment. So your interpretation does ring true. Thank you

Thunder Bow

I only bounced up once and fell right away hahaha xD And i dont feel much grounded on earth. But i have just started to see things in a spiritual way and i have been trying to ground my self so maybe that could be what it meant?
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