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Cat Huge eyes

I was hoping if anyone could help me understand this dream i had. I feel like it has a meaning but i dont understand. Hope You could spare the time and help me understand.

I had this dream awhile back and this dream was extremely vivid (only of the eyes) . The dream was a while back so i dont remember the details very well. But it was a huge eye on the sky. It could have been because of not so long ago before the dream i saw a picture of a drain that looks like an eye. You can look it up on google if you like But i saw that in the sky in my dreams.

And as the dream continued i was somewhere which is quite "official" Like an office or somesort. Like a post office or application of authority. like applying for a lisence or something. And i had a friend who is close with me there. She was hoping i would hurry up so that she could play league of legends at home. But she was at second floor. And when we went up it was a roof with a plane. Weird enough it was something like a ride where it bounces up and down.

And there was when i saw another eye again (At the roof). Huge in the sky with turquoise eyes. The eyes were made out of clouds. Both of them. But this one is much vivid and i can almost see the wide sky again in my memory.

But as i bounced up and while still looking at the sky. I fell but i was supposed to land on the plane that bounces but i fell down (not on to the roof) But started falling down outside the building.

But as i fell, It was more like i floated down. And i fell on a pond or a swampy place. With lotus flower. And my friends came running asking if i was okay and that was when i woke up.

I have a strong sense of feeling that there is meaning in this dream but i do not understand what it means.
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