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that is a great point enlightener. actually i had a vivid dream that started as a nightmare once where i bumped into some girls i had dreaded seeing through my early 20's no matter how much i moved.

they had judged me once and given me a reputation i didn't deserve. they were nasty and talked about me aloud on a bus i had to take once, that was full of people in a small town. i have always felt invaded when my private life was open to others.

this episode hurt me so much and i kept fearing i would have to repeat it again, each time i hopped on a bus....anywhere.

then i had a dream where i was on a bus again and they were verbally attacking me. i was in pain and then thought "enough!" and asked them why they needed to do this, why they judged me etc. they apologised and saw me as a human being who deserved respect. i ended up feeling so healed and have been able to move on from this real fear i once had...and a bad memory i have tried to leave behind most of my 20's.

i have heard that people can meet those they have issues with in the astral plane and heal rifts etc. not that this is the explanation necessarily, but it does seem possible to me. has anyone had an experience of meeting someone in the astral and healed together a rift?