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My boots are clean...

Someone may have already said this, but...your dreams are entirely your creations. When you are confronted by something frightening in your dreams all you have to do is confront IT.

Once I was in this hallway and I saw a dead man slumped in a wooden chair, it scared the sleeping daylights out of me, so I walked up to him and he did nothing, as he was dead. As soon as I turned around I felt a hand on my shoulder,completely calm I turned around and it was him. We started to chat about things and he showed me a video of my life, like a review of my life and then he took me upstairs and I met two of his women-friends, and the rest of the dream was quite pornographic. But anyway, what I am trying to say is that I confronted a fear in my dream and it turned out to help or benefit me in the end.