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The Wife of a Crime Lord

The other night I had this dream.

I was the wife of a crime lord. We had a son who was maybe 3 or 4 years old and a nanny. My husband had noticed the nanny on more than one occasion slapping our son on the hand when he would do something wrong and he didn't like it. He had warned me to get rid of her but I didn't have a problem with her. Then I came home one day and he had stabbed her. She wasn't dead but she was not in good shape. It was an overwhelming scene really where she was barely conscious and bleeding in one part of the room while he was standing in front of me yelling about how this was my fault because I hadn't gotten rid of her and now he had no choice, she had to die.

I often times have strange dreams. Some of them are so out there it is easy for me to start seeing the symbolism in them. But it is the ones like these that leave me wondering if they aren't glimpses into the lives of others. I truly hope not.
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