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Originally Posted by laleyle
Hi I want to follow a natural religion of worshipping nature. I can only believe in one true source of good - the Universe itself ... I want to worship nature as a whole and the infinite Universe and I guess I am not much for rituals.

This is like what I've come to follow, although I use Being as well as Nature as the name. Any word which expresses the Whole, Everything, the Universe are just as good.

Worship is an interesting word, how do you practice it or envision it being practised? Meditation is nearer to what I do, although I'd say there's a lot of overlap here. One aspect is how I see myself worshipping or contemplating nature. I can see nature around me and contemplate it in awe. I can also recognise that I am myself part of nature, so this is nature observing itself without a barrier or separation, a natural mysticism.
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