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What I use (just my own method and I encourage you to find your own way of what works for you) is the combination of Chaldean with 'standard' numerology or use of numerological cycles.

What I keep finding is that numerology and events of history often go in cycles. A single cycle can go from 1-9. Then at 10 (1) a new cycle commences. Often changes already start at 9 though.

Example: Abraham Lincoln was assassinated in 1865. Now 36 years later in 1901 was another attempt at a president's life.
So when it comes to cycles, for example;
Cycles of 9 (9, 18, 27, 36, etc)
Cycles of 7 (7, 14, 21, etc)
Cycles of 5, also added up (like 14, 23, 32, 41)
Numbers like 14, 15, 51, 59 often also indicate a symbolic 'exit' of something.

Of course it is not so much cycles alone which add to recurring events, but also the numerology of both the cycle and for example a person within the cycle both have to resonate with eachother.
They have to align.

Let me give the example of The Staircase documentary.
If you've seen this documentary -without making any judgement- interesting is that:
- his day of birth is 23;
- his name has the numbers 22 & 39, which add up to 16 (2+2+3+9);
- his year of birth is 17;
- the number 6 or 60 is important (1+9+4+3=17. 1943+17= 1960. 60 is a key number).
The wonder of numerology is these are all key numbers in his life.

For example, the first year of interest in the documentary is 1985.
1+9+8+5 adds up to 23. His age at that time was 32; 3+2 adds up to 5 too. And the year it happened had a 5 in it (1985).
Then, the second year of interest was 2001 (December 9th). This is 16 years after 1985. The month of December is 12, which adds up to 3, just like the year 2001 (1+2). And along with this 3 goes the number 9 (from December 9th). 3+9=12, which are the numbers of the year it happened (2001). 3&9 are also one of his name numbers (39), which add up to 3.
Speaking of name numbers: 22 from his first name adds up to 4: In 2001 he was aged 58, which adds up to 4 again.
The next year of interest is the conviction in 2003, which are, again, the numbers 2&3. And in 2003 he was aged 60.
The following year of interest is 2017, which has a link to the year of his birth (17). 'Born' again and free in 2017. Also 2+17= 19. A 1&9 often indicate a change of cycle into a new cycle.

It goes to show that the next possible years of interest might be very late 2021. And 2023 and 2024.
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