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That’s good to hear,
To go further you could sit and calm your mind for a few seconds and feel yourself and all your energy’s then start from your centre and push everything out and not allow it back then project a strong shield layer around yourself and doing this repeatedly will build up a defence around you and push the entities out completely. Then once you do push everything out try to stay aware and watch/observe if they are coming back or not and build a wall within your mind that blocks those two entities. Based off how you’ve said the last thing was working this will be a better long term thing.

Then following that you can basically use whatever energetic defence you can think over such as different shields around you that block entities or allow only a few set ones in etc. there is not really much of a limit and they can be as basic or complex as you can think over and make sure to observe and through trial and error figure out with combo works best for you and make sure to learn how your mind can be used to change energy within and around you so that going forward you are your own best defence asset and then entities just don’t bother you as it becomes too much effort to try and break someone down who is already build themselves up.
Each defence is only as strong as your mind and amount of mind power/focus/attention you put into is so the more you work on it the better it becomes and the less you work on protecting yourself the more open to attack you become. Hence most people never think about this stuff so are very easy to manipulate with emotions as they have nothing in place to prevent manipulation and defend themselves on a energetic/spiritual level.
Using a godlike figure does work if it creates the mind set of your are unbeatable and safe but is more suited for the masses for people who lack a day to day awareness of what goes on within and around themselves hence why religion is both a great thing to have yet at the same time a complete nightmare. And is easily overcome if a entity wants to exploit you.

Please do let me know how you get on with it and if there’s anything else I can help with such as more information I’m always happy to provide answers where possible
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