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Originally Posted by running
So far through out my energetic developmentl. Since beginning this journey about nine years ago. Getting sick gives me more growth per time than any other practice.

Today im getting over a cold. Guess what? In a few days i cleared more gunk out of my third eye than at least a month of daily meditation. Plus other things i do. And i dont meditate when im sick.

Guess what i should probably be preying for? But not sure i will. Lol

When sickness enters the picture, it shows me that the physical is now calling out faster to take notice of this issue for balance, as I heal the process shows how deeply embedded the imbalance has become in me if its related to a deeper issue or if its mild it might mean I need to tend to something on the surface of my life. Mild sickness is my bodies warning signal things are off in me. So naturally it opens in me a state of letting go of more if its connected to something deeper. Mostly because I chose not to listen deeper when I am well to my own balance. So it naturally teaches me to take better care of myself.

Staying well requires balance and care. I try listen to my body deeper to know how to care before it breaks out. Sometimes I miss the mark, but being sick will show me where I am neglecting myself or can build a deeper balance to strengthen my immune system, eat better, sleep better, let go of deeper emotions causing recurring colds or flus, aches and pains, whatever it is calling me to notice more for myself.

Sometimes the damage is already done from deeply ingrained patterns that have created the illness into being and usually that leads me to the unknown aspects of myself, that will arise at that deeper level. So then my process becomes a more holistic release.

The body is such an intricate vessel, their is much to tend to in its overall mind/body essence for deeper balance.
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