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Originally Posted by Untersberg56
There are two interesting cases of clairaudience (I have used the term Extra Sensory Auditory Perception) which can seen on YouTube

Case 1. "It's A Miracle Series" 1- Episode 17. Occurred in Texas. A houswife, Melanie Ann Gable out on her daily run, was deliberately run down by a van driver from behind with intent to kidnap her. She sustained very serious injuries. Prostrate and barely conscious, with a feeble gasp she whispered, "God, save me."

A neighbour Bob Phillips was in his house watching TV with the front door shut 50 yards away. He claims that he heard her voice saying those words, ran out, pulled Melanie from the van and the driver drove away.(Later the assailant received 50 years for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, i.e his van. Melanie needed intensive care).

The police said that Bob Phillips' account is impossible, there must be another explanation. Melanie gave evidence that ten female angels from the local houses appeared and formed a ring around her. Nobody else saw these angels, what the perpetrator saw is unknown.

Case 2. You can see this video by calling up "One Step Beyond", episode entitled "Tidal Wave" made in 1960.

Margaret North was a polio victim confined to a wheelchair. She lived in one of a street of houses with gardens close to the Honolulu seafront. On the morning of 16 May 1960 she was alone in the house when a tsunami warning was given and residents were ordered to make for the hills immediately.

Margaret heard the warnings when only ten minutes remained before the wave hit. She tried unsuccesfully to obtain assistance by calling neighbours and phoning the telephone exchange. She went in her wheelchair into the front garden hoping to get a passing car to stop but this was not successful. She then fell over and by the nature of her infirmity could not get up again. Prostrate she began calling barely audibly with her failing strength, "Somebody help me".

Tom Powers, a retired and deaf US Navy officer was driving down the road past Margaret North's house. He was lost, and about 100 yards farther on from the garden where she lay he stopped to consult his road map. He could not hear the tsunami sirens but heard her voice calling for help "as if she were shouting", walked back the 100 yards to where voice seemed to him to be coming from and found her.

Therefore he saved two lives that day. These two cases fifty years apart are so similar that they seem to prove clairaudience.

Both Melanie and Margaret North participated in filmed interviews subsequently.
Very interesting indeed, thank you for sharing. Too it confirms my personal belief that where there are emotions, importance, it ships much, much stronger with it's energy to the other recipient, the connection is made.
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