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asking from God

Originally Posted by Aditi
How do you guys feel about people using mantras to get favours? I only use them for bhakti and as a way to keep my mind under control. If I want something, I ask for it in English, but more and more, I feel like wanting anything other than divine intimacy is a bit pointless.

IF it's about asking from God , it's not bad so far as it stems from genuine faith and so far as it's not just one another way to get things done. Relying only on God without in anyway disobeying Him in any way is certainly not bad.

But keep asking God every now and then turns into routine commerce/business / give and take mercenary affair . This again is not bad but it is not great/sublime either . Because the God's primary dealings are out of love without any material considerations and He loves His child also appreciate His ways of living and adopts it joyfully.

God being in-dwelling companion is privy to our thoughts . So even if we dont formally ask anything from God , God knows/reads /understands us (and our communications/vibrations ) and then determines our actual nature of dealing with Him.
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