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Originally Posted by Aditi
"I have surrendered my soul at the fearless feet of the Mother
I am afraid of Death no more, for unto the hair on the back of my head
is tied the almighty mantra; the name of Mother Kali..." -Ramakrishna

I feel this, so much. There couldn't be a more powerful mantra than the name or names of your beloved ishta devata.
I found the rest of that poem, it's not Ramakrishna, it's Ramprasad. This is what I get for finding quotes on the internet

How do you guys feel about people using mantras to get favours? I only use them for bhakti and as a way to keep my mind under control. If I want something, I ask for it in English, but more and more, I feel like wanting anything other than divine intimacy is a bit pointless.
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