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Originally Posted by Kaytee
How would you recommend one go about learning to become more in tune telepathically?

1. Practice. Journal everything hear, especially at night when half-asleep, or during meditation. Sometimes you will not be sure (at first) if it's coming from you or another. That's ok, write it down and look for patterns and trends.

2. Use a crystal. Clear quartz, tabular quartz, find one that enhances clairaudience. Some really do help make things "clear". Hold it in your hand while practicing.

3. Start questioning. Don't just listen to others' thoughts - interact. Have a telepathic conversation. :) If you're not sure about what you heard, ask, and wait for a response. Remember, it's easier to do this when you're lying down, eyes closed, dark room.

4. Build emotional connection. This is key. Telepathy is linked to emotional connection. It's easier to communicate with an intimate partner. Sometimes you may pick up on thoughts of someone who has another emotion toward you (such as anger, jealousy, fear, etc.).
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