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Originally Posted by BigJohn
Shiva Panchakshari (five syllables) Mantra

ॐ नमः शिवाय

TRANSLITERATION:* "Om Namah Shivaya"

TRANSLATION: I bow down to Shiva. Shiva is the supreme reality and the inner Self. The name is given to the consciousness that dwells in all of us.

PURPOSE OF MANTRA: Wealth, money, prosperity, health


I love the Aum Namo Shivaya mantra, a very powerful mantra that affects all aspects of the speakers life. I would point out, with respect, (and this is just my opinion) that the purpose of the mantra is not wealth, money, or prosperity. The purpose of that mantra is to connect to the divine and through saying it with intent, to raise your consciousness. Once the power of the divine is invoked, if Shiva deems it necessary to help you financially, in order for you to be able to practice and develop more easily, then he will, but he might decide that you have too many distractions, and take some things away. One of Krishna`s names is Hare, this translates to `he who takes away.` Money, prosperity and financial gain are human requirements, the Mantra`s purpose is to take you beyond being human and back to being divine.
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