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Wanting a Healthier Relationship with Food

I’m not even sure what a healthy relationship with food looks like. Could anybody here with more healthy relationships with food, help me out by describing what your relationship is like? How does your relationship with food reflect your actual tastes, psychology, awareness of your body’s needs and wants, even spirituality?

I have a relationship with food where there’s actually a lot of selfishness. With each meal, I try to maximize my pleasure, where I wind up being very full after each meal. I hear my body’s groans to stop and rest, yet I still keep eating. I also am a stress eater. I describe my feelings with food in more detail below if you are interested in reading, but the bottom line is, I want to be kinder to my body and to be more conscious of my relationship with food.


I am full yet I still want to eat. I feel my stomach and sometimes it is groaning telling me it is processing a lot, yet I still stuff myself. It feels automatic. I feel my mouth water, my mind yearning for the taste and pleasure of food while I am full. When I eat, it’s like a stream of continual pushes to keep eating, almost like I feel like it’s coming from some outside force or inertia. When I restrict myself, it feels like I am yelling at myself or putting fast reigns on myself to prevent myself from moving and doing what I do naturally: eating food.

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