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Indigos Starseeds and transgender

I have a question for the Star children here... I myself am an early Indigo, 3rd wave of the 20th century, just prior to when some baby boomers started to notice their Indigo children and the term was popularized. It was hard for us, really hard I have a hard time understanding what it's like to be raised secure and fortunate and with a contemporary mindset of tolerance and compassion.

I was highly idealstic as a youth in the 80's. We were coming out of the 70's which came with a lot of idealism and few reality checks. But I came out of it all so completely fouled up that I can't comprehend what's worse and what's better for the youth of today.
I'm particularly interested in what Indigo, crystal or Starseed youth (say, under 30ish) have to say, assuming this forum has really no one on it who is under 30 and would not fit the characteristics of Indigos and Starseeds.
So I'm asking, what do you make of LGBT issues, and especially the struggles of transgender people in terms of spiritual development, past lives, old souls, karma, and the like? Do you have friends who are transgender?
How do you who are presumably more "enlightened" and informed than your more conventional peers, see your peers, your current generation as a whole on these topics? Are they far more tolerant, miraculously evolved and sympathetic? Or just a little more tolerant, just a little more awake? than 20 years ago or 30 years even.
I would love to read your thoughts 😉 on this.
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