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Genesis 28...

I'm quarantined with my uncle and another guy who's related to me by marriage (his uncle used to be married to my aunt). We flirt, but he's listed reasons why it's not a good idea to be official and other girls are flirting with him and he flirts back. He's a strong Christian.

He was sent a picture taken by someone and he shows me "look, an angel on a staircase!" But when he showed me on his phone a text showed up on his phone from another girl.

Anyway I looked it up and the angels on the staircase was Genesis 28. Where Jacob was told to marry into her Mother Brothers (Uncle's) family...

A sign he's supposed to be mine? I told him to read Genesis 28... Not sure if he'll make any connection though...

I see angel numbers too... I seen 52 after this.
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