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My co-worker kissed me in a dream.

I work with a girl who I find to be very attractive. She is engaged with someone, and even has a kid with him. I am also in a relationship with someone. I sometimes will catch this girl staring at me when we pass by, or work together on something. We usually smile and greet one another. Last night I had a really vivid dream about her. I was helping her with some paperwork in the employee lounge, and she was sitting very close to me. To the point where our bodies were literally touching.

The next thing I know, and she gives me a kiss right on the neck. Shocked at what just happened, I turn to look at her. With our eyes locked, we begin to make out for a few seconds. It was amazing. What made it so strange was that there was another girl sitting at another table watching us. She laughed but it was a little embarrassing. It made me feel guilty about what we were doing. What could this dream have mean? I have no intentions of cheating on my own girlfriend. I just find a girl at work to be beautiful.
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