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Hello, I pretty much went vegan over the course of a couple days after being a vegetarian for years. Like everything else, there is a learning curve but it isn't long before you start understanding how to do your shopping accordingly. As for eating out and eating at friends places, I usually don't make a big fuss and am happy to partake in side dishes and so on (after all I'm really there for the company and the free meal is a side benefit) In restaurants, I will pick the entrees that seem like obviously 'safe' dinners and don't get into asking myriad questions about ingredients because I know it will just make others feel uncomfortable and weird.

So it isn't really that difficult, just takes a little time to get comfortable with a new lifestyle. The only other thing that I've really focused on is learning about bodily requirements and which foods provide which nutrients. Personally, I find it a fascinating study, all the amazing ways that our bodies use foods. Be easy on yourself and you'll have so much fun with this. Guaranteed.
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