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Originally Posted by Elfay
Nightowl, I do believe you are right about the salt, its worse after I get a salt craving or take Zyrtec - I have terrible allergies this time of year and try to take an allergy med 2 or 3 weeks before the season starts but every time I take Zyrtec it only makes the ringing worse - there may be sodium in it for all I know. Clairin makes me tired. The Allegra seemed to help more. I got to modify my sodium a lot more. Some times I gargle with warm water with sea salt, I don't drink it ever but some always goes down my throat since its in my mouth.

I can't do Zyrtec it gives me palpitations. I only switch from Claritin when it stops working, then a switch back because it is the best one for me. Another option you might want to consider is one of the prescription allergy nasal sprays. They work well for my sister. Hope you find something that works, I feel for ya kiddo...
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