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Originally Posted by Elfay
@Silvergirl I started taking them after I read how it can help Tinnitus which it does help if only temporarily but hey I'll take temp any day since the buzzing and ringing in my right ear has been driving me nuts the last week or so!! Yeah, I'm gonna stop taking it and perhaps try fresh garlic.

Hey Elfay,
I don't know your med history, but I am assuming you have been to a doc for this ear problem? I never had allergies until we moved to this house. I had bad buzzing in my right ear. I have the problem of constantly having fluid in my ear. I notice that when I have too much salt it makes it even worse. I don't have Meniere's disease. It is just the fluid in my ear. I have to take Claritan year round to keep it from acting up. They say this year is a really bad year for allergies too. Have you ever taken any thing like Claritan?

Could the garlic pills possibly contain sodium?
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