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Originally Posted by eternity
Hello Katara,
Wow,your questions are very deep and well along the path of knowledge.You have lived many lives and gained much knowledge already to be at a point to ask what you have.My blessings to you.
I wish to agree with all that Peteyzen has told you.He appears to be a very advanced soul.
Light and grace.

Hi Eternity,

Most of the time I've got a spike of dark energy stuck in my spine, and 'several spirits' getting stuck into my head, above my eyelids and behind my ears, along with a spike in my ankle and lower back. Plus dark 'cords' running through my shoulder blades and hips.
Explaining occasionally why I come across wrongly?

I find it hard sometimes to see where the light is, mainly due to how much the dark hates my light.

As the lovely lady at the spiritualist church said all those years ago... "the realms of light have heard you getting angry, and they don't mind if you need to shout at them.... they know who you are and you're on their hook now.... they're not going to let you go. You will feel like shouting at them much much more in the future, but that is okay.... you have an entrepreneurial gift of mediumship.... aren't you lucky...."

Sometimes I feel lucky, but then sometimes I don't?

All I can do is apologise for not being able to be my best at all times.

Love and light