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Originally Posted by Glorymist
Great questions, Katara.

I am eager for Ascended Masters answers.

Hi Katara / Glorymist

You stumped me completely there Katara, so I spent a bit of time pondering last night to try and come up with an answer.

I'm not sure what I feel about saying this, but here goes....

I refer to this life's experience as being the experience of the soul?
The part of our being that manifests with the body but has its own 'core'.
The "mind of our soul body", as you say... The part of us that has a specific growth process / energy matrix for this lifetime - which manifests in the chakras and energy layers of the physical body.

Although the part I am questioning, is whether or not our spirit is the 'Godhead'?....
Maybe it is only our Godhead?

By nature of our being, our Godhead can exist where the highest realm of spirit resides, which many religious teachings would urge us to believe is the only way.... although maybe it can also exist at the lowest level of vibration, where the lowest realm of spirit resides? - if that is the way our being has chosen to go?

Maybe this ‘Godhead’ we all speak of is common to us all, but only what we want it to be? With the application of 'freedom of choice' and all that.

I’ve seen many orbs before in grotty environments that are dirty red for example, and nobody can tell me that was ‘a pure spirit’?
In fact they're not, and it wasn't.
What came with these orbs was also harm to my physical being, as well as a whole load of other situations involving 'the dark', which make me sick, which I wont go into at this time. But this can only prove the reality of this conclusion up to a certain extent?

This project is still ongoing too, and has been since September 2005. So the very 'nature' of both sides of the fence is something I have experienced a lot of. In life, and via spirit? Both good and bad.

While I’m happy to believe certain individuals possess a spirit that resides in the highest realm of being, I am also prepared to accept that the opposite is more than a possibility. Looking at certain individuals, I fail to see where conscience or 'a connection to a higher source' is possible, no matter what I am told or being asked to believe.

Love and light,


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