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Originally Posted by Ascended Master

The chakras pull into the soul centre, then the soul centre pulls into the spirit centre (imagine several orbs of light, one by one merging to form one common point).

The effect of this happening combines the energetic blueprint of this life experience with our spirit core..... To take onto our next natural 'home'.

The process of re-incarnation involves the 'plotting' of a new energetic strategy, and is basically a dissassemblement of these energetic layers back into a new body with the right energies in the right places, to bring about the lessons we need to overcome.

Or so I am taught...

That is a beautiful concept Ascended master. Makes sense, but I always thought the Soul could not merge with the Spirit until we have reached oneness? Because the Spirit is perfection, it is one with God and it will not allow us to come back until we have reached the oneness we seek?

May I ask, what is the difference between soul and spirit and what do they mean in your belief? Because I notice there are many different explanations and I am curious to know what you were taught.

I believe Soul is the growing and learning portion of our whole. The Soul is on a journey and the Subconscious is the mind of our soul body. And Spirit is the SuperConscious (our Godhead). Or vise versa...I always get the two mixed up (Soul/Spirit). But of course my beliefs could very well change, as they do...

Blessed be