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Hi katara, I would like to give my take on your questions, as it has been explained to me, one day, who knows, maybe I will know if it is true.

The mind is a product of the brain , our physical body, and through the mind we create an ego, an identity whilst here, it is more complicated than that because our ego and life situation is affected by past karma, both of which hav influence along side past experience on our character.

However when we die (physically) two aspects of ourselves pass over along with our light or astral body, these are our atma and our soul. The atma is the divine spark which exists in us all it is the true you and it is a part of the divine a direct link to god (which underneath all the rubbish is what we are.) The soul acts as a kind of ackashic record ( I am so sure I have spelt that incorrectly, I apologise in advance) it stores all of the experiences of this life and holds the full gamut of all our other lives experiences too. So when you fgind a child that has a remarkable musical talent, for example, this is due to the soul holding on to past life experiences that filter through into this life.

The astral body is just one body that allows us to traverse the astral plane and the physical one, to travelk in the higher planbes a body of a higher vibrational rate is required and each plane has its own body, you have around you seven sheaths each is awaiting you to reach a higher rate so that you can become aware of it and hence use that body in the appropriate realm.

As far as your evolution, that takes place at a higher level of choice than just a humna mind. It is your atma which chooses along wwith your karma where you and into which body you next re incarnate. Be assured that you are constantly evolving but you need to live this life, the lessons from the last one have been learned and if they havent then situations will arise to allow you to play out the lesson as required. You will remember all that you need to know. Too much of the pr3evfious life would only confuse things for you in this life. Remeber it is the development of the soul that is taking place and that is very difficult measure to understand from a human standpoint.
Hope that helps, love and light Kat
Also what lovely humility to ask such wonderful questions.

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