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Bunny What is Eternal?

When we leave this life, what remains? Is our mind and the way we think in this life eternal (though ever evolving)? Or what about our astral body, is that eternal or is it attached to the physical and therefore only temporary?...What remains apart of our soul?


If we truly do reincarnate and evolve, do we keep a piece of our past selves along the way? For example, if I am a certain way in this life, do some of those characteristics remain with me throughout my journey (the ones that come from my heart & soul or even my likes and dislikes)? Example would be my compassion for animals, or a certain type of animal even, being humble, loving nature, love for the arts etc. Again what remains eternal? Are those things I just mentioned just temporary things that die with my physical body? Because if we are completely different in our next incarnation, wouldn't that be pointless? If we are suppose to evolve to our greater/true self, how can we do that when our evolution in one life, has nothing to do with who we are in the next?

Forgive me if I