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Supercharged on energy

Last night was very busy for me in the spiritual department. My ambitions for further growth of my talents may have lessened considerably but I am determined to use what I have on things that matter to me. So last night I was doing one major healing, several bubbles of protection, transfering energy, speaking with guides and so on together with several other talented ones online. And every time I readied myself for another task I called for more energy, as I always do. Imagine that one of my first questions when I came here was how to not run out of energy! However, one of the last things I did was to send energy to one of my friends - who promptly passed out. I couldn't wake my friend up by shouting so eventually I had to ask her spirit guide to wake her up (which worked in a couple of seconds). When she came to she was feeling and sounding very poorly, and explained that it had felt as if she had been electrocuted. Her spirit guide explained it with me being supercharged on energy and that she had been practically shot down. It did not help matters that she was an empath, of course.

This is a little scary to me. I was feeling well and had no idea that my energy level had blown the meter. If I had been doing a critical healing right then I might have harmed the patient, maybe even killed him. While I do know how to get rid of energy I have no way as yet of telling how charged I am. Can any of you give a tip on how to keep the furnace down to a manageable temperature? Keep in mind that I can neither feel or see energy as yet, so hurray for you who can but telling me how to judge it by the glow is sadly not going to be helpful. Yes, I WILL ask my own spirit guide too of course.

Since I am on the topic already I may as well ask if there is anything good that can come out of being supercharged.
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