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i put it to you guys out there any of you experienced a double day were you know you had two days off work for a fact woke up said I'm not going this would be on a Thursday for me come Friday evening you check your phone ready to send your time sheet in according to that you only had that Friday off but you remember every detail about that 1st day you had off work i think it would drive most people crazy but a lately its been happening more often last time for me was two and half years ago were the day repeated its self i asked the supervisor about it but he was not sure what happened or not the double self or the shadow party of they say its all not good but what if its different reality of our self and everything there looks just as normal as here its just when it appears ibn our world usually in part dream state just before we wake it looks identical but actually dark and some how i swap places for a day or experience it as a repeating days you now we use time to measure th3e hours the days months years etc but to your soul or sleeping self it has no meaning
I've always been fascinated by time travel as a sci fi fan but there's a spiritual side to one self that's the part that allows us to time travel to look at our dreams the possible future that may happen
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