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Originally Posted by tilia

I have been trying out Paul McKenna's "make you thin" hypnosis cd. My friend used the "quit smoking" one with great success.

Hi have properly listened to the cd all the way through and used it so I "fell asleep" as I think it is supposed to be used. When I listened I didn't hear anything untoward but I am not sure if there is other stuff underneath.

I don't normally suffer from random anxiety. Yes I get nervous about things and I get stressed but I know what the cause is and have learnt to compartmentalise it so I only feel it at certain times, for instance if I am worried about a meeting I have learnt to put off anxiety until just before the meeting.

But at the moment I am getting random and apparently baseless anxiety, just a general feeling of stress.

I stopped listening to the cd for a while and at the same time the stress eased. I have started again and I am feeling stressed again.

Is it possible the 2 are connected? I know there are other factors that may be the cause and I wondered if there was any way of working out.

Can anyone advise?

Hi Tilia,

There could be a couple of things going on here. As Sphinx pointed it out, it may be due to letting go of pent up stress.

The other thing too is, these cds while very good, are a one size fits all deal. Peoples' experiences though are unique and varied. If you are working through weight, there may be certain issues surrounding that, which are not being addressed by the audio, hence the increased anxiety. Paul's work is quite good but if you are not getting the desired results, go see a live practitioner. As good as a cd might be, it doesn't have the ability to think creatively and strategically.

Best of luck :)

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