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Yes, I got in my own way, and I lost time when I didn't have the time to lose.

I reacted on things that I did not even know were true, or I reacted to them with old ways, such as something good was to happen, and I would self sabotage it. Or I'd fear it would never come into fruition so I'd sabotage.

I lost out on so much this year. The other was guided by his own intuition, and I would have been to. But there are also things still that I would not have known quite had I not watched, so I should have tried to use balance.

Even now. Just stay calm. Breath. Keep going. Work within and whatever happens try to let it happen. but even than....I got seized up on someone when I had this feeling that this might be the person for me that spirit spoke on. but still, my lesson was because I have not healed some things yet, that it still blocks my ability to feel deserving of accepting it.
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