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I'm sorry I really don't know how to do that, it is a survival mechanism too I think, imagine being in nature, forest and hearing an animal sounding angry, or human - it is an potential threat, I think we are meant to feel this threat, to then try to deal with it the best way. I am very easily effected by other people's feelings, anger. I have tried to imagine that I am safe no matter what, that I am even someone else that I am not, or to shield myself, but these are preparation but sometimes it can come as a surprise. One can try to block it out for a few seconds, take a deep breath where you almost feel yourself land at the bottom of yourself and at the same time then try to ground yourself and shield yourself. I can not say it works 100% for sure, but it can help. Often I can't feel what I am feeling myself or my own thoughts etc on matter - I have because of bad experiences in the past got to learn that "I am in danger", even if I am not. I think perhaps it is due to other people's experiences as well, if nothing ever bad happened to them as a result of someone screaming, then that's good and maybe they are not as afraid or as careful as someone else who has had that as a reality.
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