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Thank you for sharing your meditation experience asearcher! Even with amnesia we can have slight bleedthroughs or epiphanies to get a glimpse of what our previous lives may have possibly been like. Amnesia in itself is a program implanted within these bodies.

The artificial souls created by (Whom is God of the physical universe where we currently dwell but is not the highest God and whom is followed and worshipped by billions) and his angels, the Authorities were placed here to further traumatize the spirited humans (us the general population or common man). We are already traumatized after coming out of the mothers womb, then a soul "may" have traumatic experiences in they're lifetime. After the Deluge and the Tiamaat catastrophe souls were traumatized and those that didn't yet qualify to go to the Ogdad (The Highest Heaven ie the 8th & 9th Heaven Orion) lingered in near the original between life area which was most likely Mars and were in a coma until the current construct was created (Earth) and ready for souls to receive it. We also carry memories and experiences including trauma from our genetic ancestral line. Add manipulation and behavior modification in the astral and the extreme manipulation here on Earth and you have the human condition.

The Global Elite and the interdimensionals above them who run the show here on Earth studied trauma and how it splits the personality into pieces. This is a form of fragmentation. This thread is about a psychopaths crown chakra and the spiritless ones in general but as a side not the 7 Heavens are equivalent to the solar system where Saturn is the 7th Heaven. The 5 Heavens ie the upper layers of Earths atmosphere are a copy of the 7 above. You may well know that 13 is a very important number and is a universal number.

The scoped up experiences that you mention are parts of your split but because of amnesia we cant remember all these past incarnations, they are all are part of our Oversoul or higher selfs experience memories included as expedited experiences and our higher self as you may already know exists beyond this realm, this Patrix!

I very much look forward to seeing more of your posts asearcher! )
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