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Originally Posted by astralsuzy
I like the sound of your technique ScientificExplorer. I am going to try that technique. I am going to use affirmations every day for now on. My affirmations will be to say I will remain awake and I will look through my eyes. My problem was last night I fell asleep. I was not tired. It is the same thing that keeps happening again and again. I feel relaxed but I want to get a bit more relaxed then I fall asleep. When I reach a certain point of being relaxed I am going to look through my eyes. When I start to see things then I know I am about to ap.
I have started not to make an effort to ap when I wake up in the morning. I turn over and go to sleep. I am going to use affirmation to say I will remain on my back and I will ap.

Hey if you want, I can pass you the mp3 affirmation from william buhlman. Which are pretty amazing
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