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We are all different so we do what works for us. This works for me. When I wake up during the night or morning I do not get myself relaxed because I am already relaxed. I just lie there and wait for something to happen. It is important not to think of anything if you can except your breathing. Just concentrating on breathing in and out is all I need to do. The more thoughts that come into my mind the longer ap happens. The problem is if you do a technique it can wake up the mind. The mind becomes not relaxed making ap a lot harder to achieve. The floating technique sounds good as it sounds like it is relaxing. If it stirs up the mind then the mind becomes not relaxed.

There are times it is good to do an ap technique. When the mind is relaxed then ap technique usually works.

Thanks for explaining about the target technique. I thought that it what it was but I wanted to know if that was correct. That is what William Buhlman says to do.
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