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Originally Posted by one-light
Welcome here dragoness_crysta... I'm pleased it happens to others as well - welcome to the songs with guidance club... Hope you're good at puzzles, it'll be useful if you are, on life's journey - you'll meet good friends on here 'who understand' and sometimes offer solutions, that's where that piece goes then...

Dear one-light thank you for the warm welcome... I started writing shyly in this forum, because I think I am undergoing a spiritual awakening for some time now... I started experiencing things this year a lot more intensely and I have no one to talk to about them.. somehow I cannot seem to trust my immediate circle... not that they are bad people, I just know they wouldn't understand...

Surprisingly enough I like puzzles... ... and from what I've seen here people are kind and understanding... It warms my heart...

Thank you once more!!
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