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This song came on a few days ago, he's nearly as strong looking as me, by the way - I thought where does this fit in on here SF's so I wrote it down - and now is the time... It came on at a crucial time when I was thinking/learning 'where is my path now' re viruses and teaching people how to be stronger, I had turned the radio down those few days ago, as the news had been on - and as I turned the volume up I heard immediately words from this song come on 'better days are coming for you' - it was just like someone said it....

But the song is for you looking on now, who needs to hear it - stay strong there, as the man says, better days - light ahead...

I was talking to the Holy Spirit this morning, as many here will talk to God and/or Jesus - and sometimes I might say good morning Holy Spirit, meaning God and Jesus as well, when I say it - and sometimes I'm saying yes Sir.... And early hours this morning when I do my meditation I was thinking Lord God ive heard that he is of course, and Lord Jesus but Lord Holy Spirit, and he is of course - ive checked online.

But it's God and Jesus I speak to also via the Holy Spirit... and I'm still faithful servant to Jesus Christ, i'm having that on my stone one day - more work here to do first on planet Earth.

And just as I was saying these words in thought early hours this morning - I then started humming a song - Spice Girls - and believe me its a catchy song, but I wouldn't be humming it - but I was - words in it 'promise you everything' as support/guidance with all I'm doing on the lounge page here and my website, I expect re viruses, and its been tough going - and words ''ill be there''..... I'm not bothered about other words in it, that's what I heard in the song in my head.

And I searched online and there's more say the same 'songs from spirit'.......

And i'm surprised that many others haven't been on here, sharing happenings/instances regarding songs, saying such and such has happened to them personally, or maybe it's early days yet - and now I have link here to someone else saying the same, and there's others as well online, and that it isn't such a odd theory after all, as some will think, and more people will speak up...

My quote... I won't hold your hand and walk with you, or be around on your journey to pick you up if you fall - but I will shine a light and show people many times - you can, or should go this way...

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